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We  ,  Smart Visions   company , are committed  to our clients’ trend  to provide the best  technological and  programming  solutions   that  go hand  in hand with   their aspirations in the progress of   their  businesses in  a seamless  and  transparent methodology via surveys  that  were undertaken  to study  the  Technology Markets. Therefore , the concept  of  Smart  Rep  was  designed   to  shed  light   on   Well Experienced  Lady Business  Owners   In the field of Women Beauty Salons,  where we provide  this system  to  be the incentive  for reducing spending , increasing profitability , and highly  interactive  oversight between the Salon Owner, the  clients and  the employees, in line  with the highest standards and specifications, and  state of  the art  techniques  since  the  Smart  Rep  System  simulates  the  Efficient  Management  in  an  interactive   and  professional   manner ,  and  helps  to  activate  the  cost-accounting  system  to raise  the profit  ratio  and  reduce spending .

Smart  Rep  is an  application  that  simulates  the managerial and financial transactions for Women’s Beauty  Salons , which  was carefully  designed   to seamlessly oversee those transactions for the Salon Manager  anywhere  at any time.